As evolving beings on an evolving planet, we are constantly in need of re-evaluating our nourishment.

I have spent more than 20 years dissecting the human diet and reviving my physical well-being. I realize we are all divine souls, vibrating at different levels, on different paths.

There is no difference between mind/body/soul when it comes to nourishment.

About two years ago, I switched to an plant-based diet to assist with a shift taking place with in me and on this planet.

I am a certified nutritional cook. To read more about me, click here.

Salad forged out of the local gardens with several seasonal flowers

Salad forged out of the local gardens with several seasonal flowers

My techniques and teachings are designed to enhance food as a bio-available, energetic assistant to your life. I incorporate techniques and practices such as soaking, fermentation, organic and local agriculture, foraging, plant-based solutions, uses of spices, and choices for salts, fats, acids and heat. The goal is pure and simple ~ happiness and delicious tastes bouncing off your tongue while assisting in your evolution.

Sample classes:

  • Non-alchaholic fermented beverage techniques - from kombucha, naturally fizzy soda’s, beet kvass, etc. These drinks are power-houses at rebuilding gut health

  • Fermented sauerkraut and/or veggies ~ enliven and preserve all kinds of veggies - my favorite of course is sauerkraut, but pickles, beans, kimchee, etc.


Karin, The sauerkraut is delicious! Everyone in my family raved about it. Thanks so much.

Note from a private student learning to ferment sauerkraut. Shown is red sauerkraut with fennel for a slightly sweeter and fun color

  • Healthy fats ~ cooking fats vs eating fats, animal fats vs plant fats, invented fats vs natural fats, Omega 3 & 6, saturated fats.

  • Gluten-free flat breads and crackers

  • Juices and pulp burgers (one of my favorites, usually as a full meal class)

  • Smoothies for breakfast vs for cleansing and other smoothie basics

  • Sprouting the easy way (often combined with the salad and dressing class)

  • Salads & dressings ~ anchovy, vegan power dressings, we learn about fats and acids and which greens are best to eat raw

  • Greens addiction ~ Collards is the star, but we go over the main different greens, how to prepare to maximize their value and digestibility, and get you hooked on greens.

  • Basic Seed nutrition ~ soaking, neutralizing, enhancing seeds from tiny chia to grains to legumes.

  • The best chicken soup you have ever had for nourishment and gut healing (This class eats chicken soup plus another starch like rice or flatbreads)

  • Seasonal classes like dark leafy greens and acorn harvesting, etc. are also available

In addition

Sometimes it is best to start with a general consultation on what you normally like to eat, and what your over-riding goals are, what shifts you are willing to make to make shifts in your well-being.

  • I teach individuals and or small groups in my kitchen or theirs

  • I teach larger groups at their kitchens or commercial kitchens

  • I can custom design a class - like my popular lively salsa’s and dips where I teach how to ferment and create bacteria rich salsas, salsa verde’s, hot sauces, avocado dips. Combine this one with flatbreads and we can make our own tortilla chips

  • teach vegan meals, vegetarian meals and meat-based meals. If we are working with meat, it will most likely be limited to gelatinous broth-making, the best bone marrow, or delicious and sneaky ways to consume liver, and chicken soup (I don’t hold much energetic value for muscle meat)

  • All classes include tasking, some can include full meals

For more information, read through my posts or please contact me though email.
All the best,