I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania in a large family, enjoying the lake, and the change of seasons. I received my degree in fine arts. I spent 10 years as a graphic designer, 20 years managing and creating with my advertising agency, and eight years as foster parent for DC teens. I also co-invented and brought to market the first wristband that calculates sun exposure.

I’m a certified nutritional cook, dancer, sailor, hiker, traveler, meditator and artist. I work with DC youth through The Inspire Project and NASA. Both my art and food creations are facilitating evolution. In my painting, I combine printing, patterns, mixed media, elements from nature and poetry or words throughout my art to create futuristic ideas. My cooking encompasses foraging, working with native plants, organic agriculture and teaching traditional food preparation and fermentation to augment a vital life. I reside in Washington DC.

My journey has been a windy path of evolving and devolving and evolving again. I spent many years over-working, trying hard to become something measurable in this society, and wrecking my health and emotional well-being in the process!

Now, I am happy to say that my latest evolution has brought me great enjoyment on just about every possible level ~ friends, family, my cat, creativity, spirituality and physical well-being.

To me, all things are energy and part of the collective human and earthly experience. I create in that space ~ knowing that I am part of something profound.

We are all creators, as above, so below ~ karin

My food journey began about 20 years ago when I was not well. Eventually, through lots of training and tours to farms around the world where they are still cooking traditional foods, I learned about food as real nourishment. I began to heal. I studied the teachings of Weston A. Price and other food-as-nutrition gurus. I receive a certification in nutritional cooking from Monica Corrado of Simply Being Well in Colorado.

My journey has taught me that food can nourish more than just our spirits and our body ~ it can energetically support any cosmic gift that you have or want to explore. Such as clairvoyance, telepathy, EPS or any creator spirit inside you like writing or singing or painting.

Recently I have adopted a plant-based diet to assist in my own ability to connect to the universe more deeply. It wasn’t a mental decision, my body, which I have learned to listen to, asked, and when I didn’t listen, it demanded. Listening to my own body has been rather long process, but now we are best friends!

My two deepest loves are food and art, but the etcetera is important too - allowing anything to become valuable on a whim.

My art journey started in the beginning. I came from a family of creatives ~ mom, very crafty and now doing watercolor, and dad, an architect, and also a painter and builder of houses and fun sculpture. For the past few Christmases I have given and art class to my family. Eighteen attended the last one, and they each did something spectacular!

I have a BFA in fine arts, a minor in graphic design and photography. I was drawn to the advertising industry for about 30 years where I loved creating brands and communication and images to support those brands. This has influenced my interest in writing poetry or poetic titles with each painting I create. In 2010, after I sold my ad agency, I began my abstract and contemporary period of art. I painted in the abstract realm until I was able to truly start channeling a transformative portal energy into my paintings.

Every painting now is a portal for me and others. Portals are for evolving, changing, shifting or healing. For the past 10 years, I have attempted to create both food and art to nourish, shift, expand, evolve myself.

Karin in front of two of her ‘truth’ paintings in the Hill Center Galleries. Photo credit to Liliana Hudgens

all I do is for all ~ karin

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