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'i am infinity' and other works by Karin Edgett at Sonoma Cellar in Alexandria

lifting ~ flying ~ I am shifting

lifting ~ flying ~ I am shifting

“I am infinity” and other works by Karin Edgett

This is a selection of works from some of my series of art including abstract, infinity and abstract flowers. ‘I am infinity’ are paintings and poetry in acrylic and mixed media on paper or canvas. The works were created in recent years as I explore newer ways of seeing the world around me, creating and observing shifts and evolutions as they occur, and hoping to help the process.

Studying infinity has exponentially broadened my understanding of energy, light, motion, time, words, truth and other big evolving unknowns that will help us transform our world ∞ 

Each piece of art and it's message is at the center of creation and time, as myself, as us, as one, as many ∞ 

‘I am infinity’ is specifically exploring myself; ourselves as the creators. My contemporary and abstract art is designed to foster positive transformation ∞ 

This is a fun and exciting journey ∞

∞ Karin

∞ Karin Edgett

  • Artist Reception Thursday, August 15, 2019

  • These 30 works are on display July 15 ~ October 8, 2019

  • Sonoma Cellar in Alexandria, Virginia

Artist talk from reception at Sonoma Cellar in Alexandria Virginia August 15, 2019

Here is the outline for the talk I gave at the opening on August 15:

“i am infinity and other works” by karin edgett

I began painting for the second time in my life about 10 years ago. I wanted to paint light and energy. No subjects, no tethering images to past experiences, just motion and light. I thought it would be a fun way to loosen up, unwind from years of patriarchal dogmatic patterning that I had attempted to master. 

A few years back I started to add words to my paintings, often in the form of a Haiku. Each painting and poem was a shifting experience for me. I began to think of my art as a way to change, expand and heal. Now I create everything with that intention. My last show and talk in DC was about the effect art has on healing. 

This series of 12 paintings called“I am infinity”are about energetic awareness aligning with actual changes caused by earths’shifting magnetic poles. If the earth, the universe, the multi-verses are changing, then so are we. Our human capacity to process information, understand energy and light, gather deeper understandings, confront the origin of truth and pain and create collectively has never been greater. 

“I am” when embraced completely is an expression of love, and an opening for change. 

The symbol of infinity is mathematical, feminine, universal motion in its expression of all that is, was and will be. For me it begins the process of balancing the feminine with the masculine to usher in a more equitable experience. The poetry or words further express the shifts and expansions taking place. 

These works are acrylic paintings on paper or canvas, often combining other mediums and some printing techniques. 

Scattered throughout you will see various abstract paintings and flower studies. 

Many many thanks to Elizabeth a rocks star for creating this beautiful restaurant and an environment for artist to display their work! J