Teaching the art and science and health of fermenting your soda

Fermenting fits right up my alley because it combines art and science and health. Not that I separate art from anything, but this in particular blends them well.

These photos were taken from a recent class given at School within a School in Washington DC where I was teaching parents and their kids how to ferment their own soda’s. The basic ingredients are water, culture sugar and juice or fruit. The science is quantity, time and temperature.

There is no real age limit to who can learn this process. The soda’s are perfect a perfect complement to nearly any meal since you can make just about any flavor. In this class we made orange/carrot and grape from juice, apple (a sour and a sweet) and sour cherry from concentrate.

After the class, each person was provided a starter kit of culture, sugar and food for the culture, along with step by step recipes.

The class costs about $40 per person or $500 for a group up to 10. Kitchen fees are not included.