What is Chakra Art Anyway?

I recently was accepted into a show called Art of Meditation, the Chakras. Quite a few entries were literal translations of chakras, as if you can literally translate chakras. Chakras, in case you don’t know, are energy centers, often named as 7 major ones and associated with color. And that is a fine definition. In reality our body has lots of chakras, lots of energy centers and they are always shape shift and ebbing and flowing in their importance to our balance. The big 7 known chakras are a great beginning step to understanding our body as energy. Adopting new science which suggested our whole body is energy in motion, asks us to transcend the idea of the 7 energy centers.

My paintings were not created for this show. The two that were accepted (shown in this article) are part of a series of paintings that explored the concept of “I am”. Yes, like Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the light, or something very similar. The idea of our body’s as energy in motion, combined with intention begs the question, how do we direct our motion the way that we want to direct it. The ‘I am …’ concept places us squarely in the creators seat. The creator of our own energy, our own destiny, our own bodies. Just like the concept that we are all created in the image of God.

So how does this related to chakras?

Understanding our chakras and making sure they are in proper motion, helps us with our more ‘cosmic’ connections, our truest capacity as creators, as energy in motion, as our unique truth and light.

The ‘I am’ words, colors, shapes and motion I have chosen for these two paintings are meant for my own cosmic energy transformation. I have intentionally infused them with energy that can be utilized by anyone that is ready to receive their energetic message. Their indigo colors most closely match the throat chakras, all about communication and freedom of expression.

Others in my series can be found on my Infinity page in my galleries.