Solo Show on Healing Arts 1/1/18~3/1/19

Works at West End Plastic Surgery

art contains 
the story of us, 
ever evolving  

The 30+ works here are from several series; ‘truth’ ‘infinity’ and ‘abstracts’. They are paintings, mono prints and haiku. They are created to communicate as light energy and provide illumination to our existence. 

They were chosen for their healing abilities; through color, movement, energy, etc.

Artist reception: Thursday, February 7th, 5-7

Artist talk: ‘Healing arts’

Art in places where people need to be calm, collected, heal have become a huge trend. The wealthy have always known this and fill their houses with beautiful transcending works of art. 

Studies have shown that art has the ability to affect us on many levels. It’s primary function in hospitals and airports is to REDUCE STRESS, which in turn helps boost the immune system. 

My own experience has caused me to use art as a self-healing tool, taking me from a very stressful, near death existence to where I am now. Over the past 10 years I have used art to transform each step of my own healing by creating uplifting, peaceful energy with color and movement. Words and poetry seal each works healing intention. 

As I shifted, I began to realize that my art has a similar effect on others. Now all my work is created with the intention to heal and evolve.  

 My latest paintings delve deep into myself as an energetic cosmic being of light. They are portals to even deeper understandings and healings using color and movement. 

 Some pieces remain in my private space until they are done with me. 

 This collection around you was chosen to lend a calming and healing environment to West End Plastic Surgery. 

I have included 11 pieces from my infinity series where I explore movement as a feminine or maternal energy evoked naturally within infinity symbols. 

Some of the Infinities take flight as angelic forms. 

Glazes, layers, soft colors and mica are used to illuminate and connect on a deeper level in a more calming and transportive experience. 

Often I work in triopathys – creating three pieces that are interrelated, drawing out pathologies with the intention of healing and shifting their intertwined patterns. 

 I make use of a pink, blues and yellow throughout. Pink is the highest vibrating color ~ the color of love, blue is calming, helpful for inflammation and yellow is an a self-empowerment color.

‘truth’ is a potent opportunity or component to healing. 

My circular monotype paintings with haiku are what I call ‘truth’ seekers, simple patterns, movement and words evocative of shifting ideas. The haiku untether existing paradigms and provoke evolution of consciousness with whimsy, as it has been proven that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. 

My favorite example of art being used for healing is at the The University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor has an “Art Cart” program where volunteers go room to room allowing patients to select artwork that connects with them personally to hang on their walls.

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For a private tour, or sales inquiries, please email Karin Edgett or text 202.907.4474
2440 M St NW #200 • Washington, D.C. 20037

Me and a new benefactor with  ‘forthcoming storm; today will rain tears of joy and laughter ’ from my  ‘truth’  series.

Me and a new benefactor with ‘forthcoming storm; today will rain tears of joy and laughter’ from my ‘truth’ series.

Karin Edgett speaking on "healing art" at an event showcasing 30 pieces of art specifically chosen for thier healing properties for a surgen's office
Karin with Dr. Ruff in front of some of her healing art as flying infinities

Karin with Dr. Ruff in front of some of her healing art as flying infinities