The Hill Center - Truth

October 5th – December 30th
Holiday Reception Sunday, December 10, 3~5pm
Second floor Hill Center Gallery The Hill Center is at 9th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE

Explore TRUTH with my new series of acrylic mono prints and haiku's.

Artist statement:

We question truth that our parents taught, we question truth that our institutions preach. We question truth when we are young, and we question truth when we want to evolve.

truth is a particularly potent subject right now. As we become more familiar with the world around us as energy, as quantum physics suggests, we also learn that we have even more control over how what we want ourselves, our country, our world, to evolve.

This series of paintings are truth seekers for me. At first they challenged what is truth in a painting as they appeared, but they soon became an obsession to see what is not yet known as truth. I keep painting and looking until an evolved truth is revealed.
I invite everyone to open their hearts and seek new truths.

~Karin Edgett

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Opening Reception with artists: Wednesday, October 11, 7:30~9pm
Holiday Reception with artists: Sunday, December 10, 3~5pm

Karin Edgett