Frame of Mine - 'truth' Series Solo Show

I have 22 of my mono prints with haiku at Frame of Mine Gallery at 545 8th St SE. They are open daily.  Please stop by any day to look and read and then please send me your feedback!

I will host a closing reception on Saturday, June 30 from 5-6:30 and would love to see you there! 
‘truth’ Artist Statement:

In my own artistic journey, seeking truth is not as important as re-creating truth

These paintings are part of a series of acrylic mono prints with haiku called ‘truth’

I chose ‘truth’ as a theme because it best represents my current state of quandary as we are leaping forward in our consciousness evolution.

We are immersed in new ideas, and old constructs are disappearing before our eyes.

‘truth’ can be familiar, kind of warm and fuzzy if it suits us, or down right stifling if it doesn’t.

One of the most inspiring new truth’s is the realization that we all have the power to change our reality with new perceptions and actions, both personally and collectively.

So, this is a great time for re-creating ‘truth’.

When I was exploring the concept of ‘truth’ in my paintings, I began to create energetically intrinsic patterns and shapes by imprinting marks and brushstrokes.

These imprinted patterns and shapes and swirls took the form of portals for my own transformation.
Each final piece evokes a haiku. The haiku is there to inspire thoughts other than what is obvious, and to have fun with what is newly considered to be ‘true’.

I want to re-create ‘truth’ to be more fun and compassionate!

30+ ‘truth’ works at Frame of Mine Gallery on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Image by Karen Cohen