Karin's tooth powder recipe ~ with clove

This recipe leaves my teeth super clean, and my mouth super refreshed, killing off any hidden bacteria that may linger and leaving lots of good stuff behind to enhance my mouth biosphere! Ha. The secret behind any great tooth powder is fine ground Celtic Sea salt and non-aluminum baking soda. The rest has to do with personal preference and your overall objective. I use a bitter blend with potent herbs for added gum health in this one.

All ingredients are 1 tablespoon

  • Fine ground Celtic Sea salt

  • Non-aluminum baking soda (aluminum in food keeps you in your 3rd dimension)

  • Goldenseal powder

  • Neem powder

  • Myrrh gum powder

  • freshly and finely ground clove

Mix them all together crushing any lumps with a spoon on the side of the bowl. Bottle with a bow or a heart in my case. If you would like to order some from me, please contact me!