Fermented Sauces & Salsas Class

Array of salsa's and salsas from the class on fermenting salsas and sauces.

What was traditionally eaten as a salsa or sauce of just about any kind would have been fermented. The fermentation process is used as a preservative, but it also enhances flavor, makes the nutrients more bio-available and gives you boost for digestion as they are loaded with beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Some of the more traditional sauces and salsas I teach how to ferment are;

  • Salsa verde ~ tomatillo

  • Mango Salsa

  • Traditional tomato salsa

  • Molé sauce

  • Traditional fermented hot sauce and tomato paste (these are made from each other), and 

  • Creamy avocado salsa made from the left over yogurt cheese.

traditional fermented tomatillo sauce

traditional fermented tomatillo sauce

Fermented mango salsa!

Fermented mango salsa!